F.I.T. Programs

Freestyle Interval Training (F.I.T) is offered in 8 different formats at CJFS. Every F.I.T. Circuit class features a unique workout routine combining cardio conditioning, strength training and athleticism designed to keep you motivated and working toward your fitness goals.

Pro tips to note for class:

MOVE AT YOUR OWN PACE: We welcome all levels to all classes and will modify classes to support all levels of participants. We do request that you always listen to your body first and not to push yourself beyond your limits.

NUTRITION: Make sure to eat no less than 90 minutes before class to ensure proper digestion before class.

SHOES: Please bring running shoes (with a strong sole support).

WATER: Hydration is key, please bring a refillable water bottle/canteen with you to class.

LATE ARRIVALS: even with pre-registration, if you not at the studio at the start of class, your spot may be given away to someone else.