Session Pricing Options to suit your fitness goals

We are proud to offer a variety of pricing options for our various services.  We know the value of each session and want to make sure you select the most efficient pricing option for you when deciding.  Factors to keep in mind are:
1. How many sessions per week are you able to commit to?
2. Do you have any upcoming travel/vacation plans?

Session Expiry Dates
All sessions have expiry dates and must be used within the a lotted times. Extensions are not permitted unless for medical reasons, accompanied by a medical note.

Location usage
All sessions can be used at any CJFS location within Canada.

Sharing sessions
Sessions cannot be shared or transferred to others under any circumstance.

There are no refunds permitted on any purchases with CJFS.

Introductory Offer: 5 classes for $50 + hst (valid for 21 days)

5 sessions $90 + HST
10 sessions $160 + HST
20 sessions $280 + HST
30 sessions $360 + HST
50 sessions $500 + HST

Additional session options available are the following:
Monthly Sessions* $260 + HST (No Commitment)

Monthly Renewal* $180 + HST (Min. 6 Month Commitment)
*up to 30 sessions/month