Coach J Fitness Studio Handbook
General Policies

These are applicable to members, instructors and all staff

1)   Memberships and Class Sessions
a)       Monthly membership
i)        30 classes per month
ii)       Specific clauses are listed in your contract and we will not deviate from these unless management reviews a particular situation (i.e. medical reasons).
b)      Numbered Class Sessions
i)        Expiry dates will not be altered, except for medical reasons (with a doctor’s note)

2)       Discounted Sessions and Memberships
i)        Youth /Student – 15%
(1)    full or part time students, Continuing Education does not qualify
(2)    copy of student ID and course schedule
(3)    applies to any numbered class session, excluding single class sessions and intro pack
ii)       Family  – 10%
(1)    2 or more people who are dependent on each other or living in the same house
(2)    Applicable to monthly renewal membership only
(3)    One credit card must be used for all members.  Should one person default, all family members are suspended until payment clears.
iii)     Seniors – 15%
(1)    Any member 65 or over, with valid ID
(2)    Applies to any numbered session pack, excluding single class sessions.

iv)     Introductory  10 Sessions
(1)    New members only – have never visited this location before
(2)    Cannot participate in a class and then purchase afterwards.

3)   Cancellation Policy
a)      Late cancellations
i)        ALL memberships and sessions are subject to a lost class for late cancel
ii)       The late cancel window is 2 hours prior to class
iii)     We do not accept late cancels via voicemail or email.  Please cancel yourself out of the class online.
iv)     Once class has started if members have to leave, same late cancel policy applies
v)      Late cancel reconsideration will be done by owners if a client makes the request to  Front desk staff cannot override the cancellation policy.
vi)     What do we consider exceptions? Unforeseen circumstances and emergencies:(1)    Child/family/member is suddenly ill or needs to be attended too
(2)    Weather changes in and around class time
(3)    Household emergency: fire, flood, etc.

4)   Registering/Booking classes
a)      Members can only sign up and in for themselves
b)      Time limits
i)        Class is open until 5 mins after start time.  Please ask front desk staff to help you integrate without disruption
ii)       Waitlist is open up until 30 mins before class, after that try walking in or calling in
iii)     Sign up is open until 30mins before class, after that try walking in or calling in
c)       Unpaid session – no scheduling if member is unpaid, or in arrears.  All future bookings will be cancelled if a payment is in arrears
d)      Client Scheduling – We encourage you do to your own sign-ups and sign-in, and to cancel yourself up for early morning classes the night before.  Voicemail messages are no longer accepted.

5)   Member and Staff Conduct
a)      Injury or Illness
i)        Please immediately report any ill or injured member to either the Front Desk staff or Instructor
b)      Conflict or Dispute
i)        Please call upon the Front Desk Staff to mediate and assist if there is any conflict between Instructors and members.
ii)       Please speak to an owner directly if there’s a conflict with the Front Desk staff
c)       Conduct
i)        We ask that you continue to clean up your station, mat and/or bike after class
ii)       Please use only indoor shoes in the studios, and leave outdoor shoes in the foyer
iii)     We expect all members and staff to treat each other with care and respect.  Our environment is inclusive and fair.   Any behaviour that compromises these principles will result in a suspended membership with no refund.