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Coach J
Fitness Trainer
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Coach J - Fitness Trainer

Jason Inglis is the heart, soul and passion behind Coach J Fitness Studio. As a lifelong athlete and fitness coach, Jason fell into a career as a personal trainer and coach organically. After spending more than a decade as a personal trainer, he realized his true passion was training in groups and sought out a group training setting, where he could share his enthusiasm for fitness. From there he established his own brand and freestyle training method.His approach is not only about fitness, but setting goals, being healthy and achieving personal development.

He believes that everyone has the capability to succeed with the right inspiration.

His passion for and belief in the freestyle training method, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, resulted in the creation of the Coach J Fitness Studio. As the face of Coach J Fitness Studio, Jason has changed the lives and bodies of athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Although he is at the heart of his brand,Coach J continues to learn from his colleagues and be inspired by his clientele. When not working at the studio, Jason gives back to the community by running various youth programs at sports camps. He is anadvocate of using fitness to help mold adolescents into healthy and motivated adults.

Drew Miller
Fitness Trainer
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Drew Miller - Fitness Trainer

Drew is a certified fitness trainer with a specialization in kettlebell workouts. He comes from an athletic background. In high school, he was introduced to the benefits of strength training and never looked back.

A personal and group trainer for over a decade, Drew received his personal training certification from Canadian Fitness Professionals in 2003. Drew is dedicated to helping others reach the pinnacle of health and fitness with his motivational training methods.

Tracy Celotti
Cycle Instructor
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Tracy Celotti - Cycle Instructor
Tracey brings fierce inspiring energy to every class she teaches. Always making sure her classes are dynamic with a hint of spontaneity; she designs her classes to always accommodate those who arrive to class that day, in that moment.
Her explosive personality radiates in her classes, giving you the inspiration to challenge yourself in class to bring your fitness to the next level.
Liz Idowu
Cycle Instructor
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Liz Idowu - Cycle Instructor
Liz has lived a lifetime of movement and music studies. Starting off her professional career as a musical theatre major, instrumental music minor at Etobicoke School of the Arts. She travelled to study Contemporary Dance in Montreal and a specialized modern technique, Horton, as well as continuing her Ballet studies in New York at the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre. It was there where she discovered yoga and became inspired to become a wellness instructor who now teaches yoga (vinyasa, yin and restorative) in addition to indoor cycling and barre. Her love of music, movement, wellness and body awareness drives her to cultivate classes accessible to all levels (beginner to seasoned) for all to experience a well rounded, sweaty, effective workout to bring their wellness goals into fruition. Her classes are always filled with inspired energy on the mic, mat and bike that will push you to challenge yourself with muscular endurance conditioning, improvement of range of motion/mobility and releasing stress/tension. Dancing and celebrating life in every moment.
Certifications: BFA in Contemporary Dance @ Condordia University Horton Technique certification @ Alvin Ailey Dance Center 200hr yoga alliance certification @ Spynga the yoga + cycling studio 50hr yin yoga certification @ Soghrati Yoga 20hr restorative yoga certification @ Downward Dog Yoga CRTT indoor cycling certification @ Spynga the yoga + cycling studio Follow her: Instagram - @lizidowu Twitter - @lizidowu or @greensparrowE Facebook - Elizabeth Idowu Google + @elizabethidowu
Dara Forberg
Yoga Teacher
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Dara Forberg - Yoga Teacher

Dara is mom of 3 who loves the outdoors and grew up in the BC mountains. She feels that practicing and teaching yoga to kids and adults grounds me. It makes her happy to know that she can help kids and adults find their breath and support their journey of the body, mind and spirit.

Specializing in vinyasa flow and restorative yoga, Dara completed her 225 hour YTT and restorative yoga training at Spynga as well as her She completed her kids yoga training at Rainbow Kids Yoga. Throughout her education and life, Dara's passion has continued to focus on the mind/ body connection.

A mom of 3 who loves the outdoors and grew up in the BC mountains, Dara finds practicing and teaching yoga to kids and adults extremely grounding. She is happy to know that she can help kids and adults find their breath and support their individual journey of the body, mind and spirit.

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Facebook - Dara Shapson

Roy Lee
Front Desk Staff
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Roy Lee - Front Desk Staff
Roy's attention to detail at the front desk will make sure you always feel taken care of, from the smallest detail in your experience at CJFS to the big picture experience. As a fitness enthusiast himself, he’ll help guide you to discover the best way to
achieve your fitness goals by guiding you on which session choice is best for you, and  helping you organize your fitness schedule. Roy will become one of your best friends in no time.
Tali Amar
Fitness Trainer
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Tali Amar - Fitness Trainer
Tali is an Elementary School Teacher who has combined her dedication to educating others with her passion for fitness. After being inspired by Coach J for a number of years, it was time for Tali to bite the bullet and take on the instructor role! Setting goals and working to attain them, is something she strives for with all her students, in the classroom or in the studio. Whether it be your first half marathon or first 1,000 m on the rower, she will encourage you to always be your best self. Her enthusiasm for rowing was sparked by a dear friend's journey to row 1 million meters. Join Tali to continue the journey and come pull a few strokes!

Certifications: Hons. Bachelor of Kinesiology, McMaster University - 2006 CPR Trained - 2016 Indo Row Certification - April 2016

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