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Tali Explains How Coach J Inspires Her and Her Students

I have been training with Coach J for approximately 3 years now. As a full time elementary educator, being able to balance work and home life is often a challenge. Often, teachers are so exhausted and stressed out from the work day, that fitness and exercise go by the wayside. However, with the support of Coach J, we have been able to incorporate fitness into our busy schedules as he accommodates workouts to fit the educators’ stressful weekly routine.

After a difficult work day, it can sometimes be hard to motivate ourselves to workout. However, Coach J brings his energy and motivating words, and pushes us to achieve our goals. He is great at modifying his workouts to meet the needs of all fitness levels, thus ensuring that ALL can participate no matter what your prior experience with fitness is. He also has an aptitude for modifying workouts for individuals based on prior or current injuries.

As previously mentioned, it is often difficult to find the balance with workouts and school responsibilities, so Coach J willingly suggested that he bring his workouts to us at our school. This was a great opportunity for many educators to get involved and realize the importance of staying healthy and fit. In this way, we can become healthy role models to our fellow staff and students. Through Coach J, we can learn to promote this lifestyle to our students as well. For instance, many educators who participate in our weekly workouts were able to modify their physical education programs and include some exercises into their fitness programs for their students (e.g. fitness rotations, circuit training etc.) as Coach J’s workouts can be used to meet curriculum expectations. Furthermore, teachers learn the importance of DPA (Daily Physical Activity) and can use some of Coach J’s workout activities to meet this requirement; thus promoting health and fitness with their students.

With such success with us educators, Coach J also had the opportunity to lead a few workout sessions for our intermediate students. He understands the importance of being able to instil the importance of health and fitness at a young age and the significance for striving for their goals. Also, through telling the students about his life, he was able to show them that anyone can achieve their goals. The students all asked, “When is Coach J coming back?” the next day!

On a more personal note, I have worked with a few different personal trainers in the past and by far Coach J is the most motivated and passionate personal trainer I have had the privilege of training with. His passion for fitness and health leads him to inspire his clients to set goals for themselves, and persevere to achieve them. For me personally, climbing the CN Tower, competing in an obstacle course challenge and running a half-marathon, were things I once, never thought possible for myself. Coach J states, “motivation is temporary, inspiration is a lifetime” and for me, and many others, he has become that inspiration.


Ashley Shares How Training With Coach J Has Changed Her

I’ve been training with Coach J for about two years now. In the past two years I have seen major changes in my body composition. I have gained lean muscle mass and reduced my body fat and lost many inches. J helped me reach my fitness goals and get in shape and look my personal best for my wedding day. In approximately three months, I lost 13 inches and lost 5 pounds which means I maintained the muscle mass I gained on my frame and toned my body. I didn’t count calories, I simply ate healthy food and went to J’s challenging workouts three times a week.

Coach J is an excellent trainer. He is motivating and knows the goals of his trainees and helps them reach those goals. He has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of nutrition, health and fitness and shares that knowledge regularly with his clients. He is incredibly passionate about fitness and nutrition and shares that passion through his inspired workouts that are always changing. No two workouts are the same and J is always coming up with different ways to challenge his clients. His workouts include all areas of fitness including flexibility, strength training, plyometrics, isometric exercises, and cardiovascular training. He also challenges our aerobic and anaerobic capacity during his workouts. He expects his clients to show commitment and dedication to their goals, as he puts his heart and soul into his career. If you’re ready to challenge your body and your mental fitness as well, Coach J’s workouts are for you.

– Ashley